Do you need a business website?

It is easy to assume that every business – from babysitter to local corner shop, needs a business website. Not to mention Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn company page, Pinterest …

… and the list goes on (and on and on).

The wealth of options available for marketing a business, and the effort required to maintain more than just a select few channels can be overwhelming and may not provide the desired results. 

Consideration of your customer’s journey to purchase can help you to focus on the marketing that would really benefit your business.  

How will potential customers find you?

Should you market your business via print and / or online advertising? How will you attract new business? How can you encourage word of mouth recommendations?

Do you provide the right information for customers?

Can your customers easily compare your products and services? Do they need to see customer reviews, undertake research and / or evaluate your pricing?

Is it simple for customers to make a purchase?

Do you aim to advertise / sell your products and services online? Would selling through an intermediary be more effective?

How will you maintain relationships?

Can you encourage customers to advocate your brand? How will you keep in touch? Can you ensure dissatisfied customers come to you first?

So, do you really need a business website?

The short answer is… it depends on your business. Your business is unique and your marketing should be too. Even a simple website requires some effort on a regular basis to ensure it is secure, performs well and ultimately meets your customer’s needs.

All our marketing services are completely flexible and we can help you to define a marketing approach that perfectly fits your business identity. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.