Part 1: Accessing your website

Below are your first steps for gaining access to your WordPress website.



Step 1 : Reset your password

When you are ready to begin editing the website, we will create a user login for you. We will create this using your personal email address, and a complex password.

We will send your login webpage to the email address we have used to set up your user login.

In order to log into the site, visit the login webpage and click on ‘Lost your Password’ and follow the onscreen/emailed process to reset your password to one of your *choosing.

  • Please ensure you choose a complex password. Whilst we make every effort to keep your website secure, an insecure password could jeopardise all that for your site, and any other websites on the server. Please follow password best practice from WordPress and consider a password manager such as Keeper

Step 2 : Logging into your site

Go to your login screen, enter your login credentials using your email address as your username and your new complex password in the password field, complete the recaptcha challenge and login

Step 3 : Understanding your dashboard

Each website’s dashboard screen will differ slightly depending on the requirements of the website and plugins used, however each dashboard shares some commonalities, and features a main navigation on the left hand side. 

For further information about some of the items in the navigation, please see the WordPress training for each below:

Step 4 : Understanding your access

We have created an Editor log in for you. Within the Editor role, there is much you can do, however not all functionality of WordPress is available. This is because it is quite easy to perform an action with full administration access that could break the site and should be left to a web designer/developer.

Editors do not have access to change your site settings, install plugins and themes, or add new users.

Editors can also only edit content that is already within the page. They cannot delete, move or add new ‘modules’ (more on this in part 2)

Should you require changes to any of these items, please do get in touch and we can do this for you. We are normally able to pick up small tasks quickly within reason. Of course if you have experience as a WordPress administrator, or are employing a WordPress developer elsewhere, we can arrange Admin access for you. 

To note we do keep backups of all our websites for several months, so if you run into any difficulty, please do give us a shout and we can roll back to a previous version of the site.