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SEO Terminology

SEO Terms Explained

Below is an explanation of the terminology we use in our Dynamic Dashboards. You can also find short descriptions of our Dynamic Dashboards below


How many times you appeared in search


How many times someone clicked on that search result

CTR (Click Through Rate)

Percentage of people clicking through after seeing the impression (the higher the better – meaning the result appears more relevant)

Average Position

Where abouts on the search results page you are listed (best in top 3!)

Landing Page

The page the search term takes you to

% △

Percentage change over last period

The Page Title is seen in Search Engine Results pages – can be a big decider as to whether someone clicks through to the website
Meta Description
The short bit of text that appears in search results after a searcher has entered a query and come across yours and other businesses listings.
This is broken down by desktop, mobile, tablet, and with GA4, it now also includes SmartTV.
Users (Total/Active/New)

Users are people that were on the site.

In GA Reports you also have Total Users and Active Users, which means the number of distinct users who visited your website or application.

New Users are the number of users who interacted with your site for the first time.

Within Google Analytics you can set up goals for the things you would like a searcher to do – for instance – access a booking form, send a contact form etc.

Larger number than sessions – how many times a page has been viewed (some people will return to that page)

Bounce Rate

Came to the page then left (suggesting content not found relevant) – sometimes bounce rate provides useful data but occasionally irrelevant – perhaps they have found the information they require?

Engagement Rate
This is the inverse of Bounce Rate and looks at the percentage of visitors that engaged with the website.

This is the action visitors took on your website. 

This is the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website.
Total Revenue

The revenue generated across the website. 

Average Purchase Revenue

The sum of the purchase revenue per user.

Dynamic Dashboards

Below is an explanation of the Dynamic Dashboards we have created.

These dashboards can be adapted to reflect different date ranges, so please feel free to change the dates and it will update you with information regarding that period – for as long as analytics/search console have been recording! The dashboards are based on actual performance of website and keywords within your site.

Google Analytics

 The GA4 Report details what happens to users once they are on your site and allows you to see a range of data over multiple pages to analyse things such as which content or traffic sources are more beneficial to your business as well as which devices they may be using.  

CTR Outliers

This tells us which queries have a better click-through rate and a higher average position in search. This can tell us which pages need to optimise titles and meta descriptions. Bigger bubbles = more clicks. Higher up = a better click-through rate and further left = lower the position in search.

Keywords Dashboard

This is an overview of the keywords people search for to trigger your site to appear in search results. You can scroll through the full set of pages and filter by various data. This report can help identify high-performing pages and keywords. You can also filter by specific query, landing page and device.