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New & Improved for 2022

Hey, awesome maintenance customer!

We have been planning a bit of an overhaul of our Maintenance Packages for some time and if you are here, we have reached out to you about the opportunity to transition to one of our new and improved plans.

It has come to our attention, over the last year or so, that our Maintenance Plans could run better! The set amount of hours per month means we are often borrowing from future hours, or carrying forward hours which on the whole is not sustainable.

We are also aware that not all of our clients are aware of everything that we do on their behalf so our new packages are about bringing more clarity to how we keep your website safe, secure and up to date.


Plan Differences

To give you an idea of the key differences between our old and new plans, see below:

Old Plan

We work on your site for a set number of hours a month – these hours can be carried forward to future months or borrowed from, in the case of bigger tasks.

Within those hours we do things like update WordPress core, themes and plugins and fix any issues, keep & check site backups, monitor site uptime, monitor site security, check site health and fix any issues, check email deliverability and fix any issues, monitor SSL certificates, work to improve SEO performance, work to improve site speed, update to the latest version of PHP and fix any issues, for some of our clients, add a post to your Google My Business listing or respond to reviews etc.. as well as any ad-hoc work you send our way such as website copy edits or adding blog posts.

But you don’t know how often we do this, or what we are doing to tweak the site outside of your awareness. This means you don’t know what you can ask us to do, or what we have done on your behalf.

New Plan

We perform the core maintenance elements as standard every month; provide a number of add-ons and allow up to a certain amount of time per month for your website updates depending on the package you have chosen. This means we no longer carry time forward or borrow from future months – but we do guarantee that we will perform the essential tasks on your site as standard so you can rest easy that your site is safe, secure and up to date.

In order to provide more visibility, we will be sending new monthly reports for clients on Essential, Enhance & Elevate plans to show you the various aspects of your site maintenance each month. These reports cover different features than the SEO tracking reports we currently send. Further down, you can see an example of what you would receive.

New Maintenance Packages

All plans below now include hosting as standard, however, if we do not host your website, or if you have time outstanding on your contract, just book a call and we can discuss a reduced rate.

One difference is that only our Elevate package includes the SEO tracking and reporting but we can add that on to any plan for a small additional fee.

By signing up for yearly plans, you essentially get 2 months free.


Updates, security & uptime

Full features
WordPress, theme & plugin updates

Security monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Weekly backup

Standard support

Includes web hosting


More features & up to 1 hr/mo

Full features
WordPress, theme & plugin updates

Security monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Daily backup

Priority support

Includes web hosting

Monthly report

Up to 1hr/mo

Yearly website review

Reduced hourly rate


Enhanced features & up to 3 hrs/mo


No monthly reports included

Includes Zoom strategy meetings

Includes Performance checks

Includes SEO tracking and audits

Monthly report to detail whats we've worked on this month

We will prioritise your site tweaks or changes

Strategy call to discuss ideas for future

£37ph rather than £47ph

Great for spotting hacked sites or caching issues

Optimise your pages for multiple keywords

Website audits and page speed results

Beautiful social media walls integrated into your site

Advanced keyword tracking and monitoring. Can be added to other plans for £10pm

We hold multi-licenses for a range of premium plugins

Normal price £11pm or £117pa

Monthly Reports

Showing more of what we do

Our new monthly reports will let you know everything we have worked on over the month – optimisations, updates, backups, security and uptime monitoring. We will also include a custom section including any updates requested by you, or other updates required such as changes to DNS or PHP settings. We appreciate that some of this is a little technical but we feel it is important that you know all we do to take good care of your website.

New Maintenance Packages FAQs

We have listed some answers below but please do get in touch if there is anything else you would like to know.

What about SEO?

We still provide SEO services and some of our plans include keyword tracking as before, but we are aware that our current maintenance plans offer limited hours, so often have little time left in the budget to really work on a website’s ranking in a significant way, so we have developed 3 new SEO packages specifically focused on keyword research.

These are separate from our Maintenance packages but can be purchased alongside for a combined 20% discount off both plans before the set-up fee. We appreciate that some of our clients may choose SEO packages over website maintenance which is totally ok and if so we can transition you across to an SEO plan instead of a Website Maintenance plan. However these plans complement one another and we would recommend taking them out together with the additional discount.

Please note that these new SEO packages will require some initial content from you each month that we can optimise. We can perform keyword research, integrate keywords, improve meta tags and use various other strategies but you are the expert in your business and your input is essential. For other common questions about our SEO plans see our SEO Plan page.

My business is a charity, are there are any special discounts?

We have always offered discounts to our charity clients and will continue to do so.

We can offer our charity clients a 10% discount on any single plan and a 30% discount on combined Maintenance & SEO plans. We will continue to offer charities 20% discount on website build projects.

For any additional work, our hourly rate is £30 per hour for charities on our plan and £40 per hour for charity clients not on our plan.

What happens if I need to exceed my monthly hours?

We are offering our maintenance clients a special hourly rate of £37 per hour. Our normal client rate, since April 22 is £47 per hour. We offer further reductions for charities and have also introduced 2 months free for any plan (hosting, maintenance or SEO) that pays annually.

What happens with the time I have left on my old plan?

If you have time outstanding on your old plan, we can pause your contract and only begin the new contract once the time has run out.

Will you let me know if I have run out of time?

We will alert you if something you have requested is likely to go beyond the time included in your plan so you can decide how to progress. We do also plan to develop a client dashboard so our clients can check-in and see what time is outstanding on the plan at any stage, as well as make requests for work, see what work has been completed and access monthly reports.

Do I need to take up the plan?

No – we hugely appreciate the support our maintenance clients have given us over the years and can keep your plan as-is for the most part if that is the preferred option. However, we will be stopping any kind of borrowing time from future months. This is and has been, incredibly unsustainable for our small business. In order to keep our business viable, we need to ensure we gain payment for the work we do, as and when we do it.

We may need to increase our old plan prices, alongside our other pricing in future to cope with increases in our own business costs – software, plugins and management tools that we use to keep your website secure and up to date, but we don’t plan to do this during 2022.

Want to chat through your options?

We appreciate this is alot of information to take on board, so if you would like to schedule a Zoom call with us to discuss, please do book in below.