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Tips and recommendations

So now you have a shiny new website! There are lots of different things to do to help get your website off the ground and found online. We’ve listed some top tips below to get started with.


Spread the word

The most important thing you can do when your website goes live is drive traffic to it. This will help google index it faster and start improving your SEO rankings immediately. Here are some ways to consider getting the word out:

Email Newsletter – if you have a newsletter or email list, be sure to let them know that the new site has launched and  how it can help their business or add value to them.

Social Media – use your network of Facebook friends, family or coworkers to get the word out. If you’re active on Linkedin, Instagram or other socials, share away!!

Word of Mouth – word of mouth is still the most powerful referral. If you’re as excited as we are when your site launches, tell those around you! 

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Google Reviews

Ask for reviews

Online reviews are more important than ever. For businesses being googled and found online, a user will look at reviews almost immediately. There are many different ways to get reviews including:

Google Review – this is highly recommended as google reviews are generally what will pop up when somebody finds your site with an internet search.

Facebook Reviews – Don’t be afraid to ask for your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page and have them share it. Or get their permission for you to share it.

Website testimonials – after your website is live, we recommend gathering as many testimonials as possible to post on the website. Even if you don’t currently have any, if you can gather 5-10 good, personalised reviews we can eventually set up a testimonials page. 


Keep things fresh

Change images – we recommend changing or updating images a few times a year or as your business changes. For the user, it looks like you’re taking the time to update your site and therefore making it more valuable for them.

Colours/layout – Whether it’s making some cosmetic changes to the action colours or menu bar, or even just adjusting or adding some new graphics/images. Keeping your site fresh is a GREAT way to keep people coming back.

Keep things updated – if information, staff, hours or services change for your business, be sure to change the website too! There’s nothing worse than having wrong information on a website. Or have a staff member’s picture on the page who doesn’t work there anymore. 

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Build site content

If Google considers your site to be ‘dead’ – i.e. not being managed, updated or taken care of, it can impact your SEO rankings dramatically. Here’s some ideas on how to build your website content:

Blog – websites with blogs generally drive 30-40% more traffic to their sites than their competitors. Google will often pick up blog posts before picking up major website pages. If you can contribute good, lasting content that is well thought out and valuable to your customers, you will drive more traffic. Don’t be afraid to use social media and use your network to get the word out.

New pages – If you have more services to add to your site, do it! Google LOVES seeing that a site is being built on to. You can also repeat the steps above by reposting your site to your social media and saying that you have updated images, content, new blog post, etc.

Update content – if things in your industry change or your services change, be sure to update your site. Even adjusting content by a few words can show google that your site is being worked on and is…’alive!’


Protect your website

Over 50% of all web traffic is currently spammers, bots, malware and hackers. If you haven’t already joined with us in protecting your website, we highly recommend it. The fact is, sites are getting hacked left and right these days and most of the time, for no reason more than a hacker thousands of miles away just happening to find a way in or a web spider that got through a hosting company’s firewall, etc. If your site isn’t protected and secured, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a breach. Our maintenance & security plan lets you (and us) sleep better at night knowing that your site is protected.

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