Part 2: Edit text on your website

Once you have logged into your website, there are 2 main ways to edit the text on a page or post. Via the dashboard screen, or via the front end of the site once logged in.



Step 1 : Open the page to edit in the page builder

Using one of the following options

  • Locate the page you want to edit by selecting Pages > All Pages, then hovering over the Title of the page you want to edit and click ‘Edit’
  • Locate the post you want to edit by selecting Posts > All Posts, then hovering over the Title of the page you want to edit and click ‘Edit’
  • From the dashboard, click on the websites name next to the home icon to view the front end of the site then click on ‘Edit Page’

Step 2 : Part 2 - Understand the ‘Divi Builder’

The ‘Divi Builder’ is a tool we use to create more complex layouts in WordPress.

Once you have opened the page in editing mode and the page has loaded, you will initially see the ‘Wireframe view’ of your webpage. The demonstrates the sections, rows, columns and modules of a page. The sections, rows and columns are the structure of the page build. The grey blocks are the modules and normally contain the elements you can edit.

From here you can view how the page would look in different browsers by clicking on the computer, tablet, and phone icon.

You can edit a Module from either the Wireframe view, or the Desktop/Tablet or Mobile view by clicking on the ‘Cog’ icon.

    Step 3 : Editing the text in a module

    Each module is editable in slightly different ways depending on its type but all are relatively straight forward to make text edits via a visual editor.

    The video above demonstrates some of the more common edits.

    Below we describe how to edit text within a ‘Blurb’ module.

    • Click on the cog icon of the ‘Blurb’ module you have decided to edit
    • Edit the title by entering/editing text within the title box
    • Edit the main content of the “blurb’ by amending text within the ‘Body’ box
    • Edit the icon or choose an image for the Blurb box
    • Add a link by entering a full URL into the Link box
    • Once you are happy with the edit, click the green tick to confirm you are happy and close the module box

    Step 4 : Preview how your change looks

    As well as viewing the page via the Desktop/Tablet or Phone view during editing, you can also scroll down to outside the Divi Builder  and click ‘Preview Changes’ which will open up a ‘Preview’ of the page in a new tab.

    Close this tab to return to the editing window

    Step 5 : Publish your changes

    In order to publish your page you can either:

    • Click on the green ‘Save’ button
    • Click the blue ‘Update’ button